This is your big day!

It’s perfectly normal to have lots of questions.

It’s perfectly normal to have lots of questions.

How long will our film be?2022-04-21T11:24:45+00:00

My highlight films are typically between 5-7 minutes, extended highlight films tend to be anywhere between 15-25 minutes and feature films can be up to an hour or more in length. What you will find when you watch your film back is that no matter how long or short the video may be, it will prompt a cascade of powerful memories, bringing back the emotions you felt at that exact point in time. 

Why have a wedding film?2022-04-19T16:00:56+00:00

Did you know the biggest regret among newlyweds is that “they wished they had hired a videographer to document their most special day”. (https://www.instyle.com/weddings/regret-newlywed-couples-survey)

Chances are you’ve seen a few wedding films by now, hopefully some of mine, and you’ve already weighed up the pros and cons.

What I hear from couples that I have filmed, is that the wedding film allows them to totally relive the day over and over, and that they remember something different and new after every viewing. The wedding film triggers memories that you didn’t realise you had, the small things that made you laugh and cry throughout the day, bringing back the emotion in its entirety. 

The film will be preserved for all of your years to come, ready to be seen by your children, and your children’s children. Immortalised, cherished and remembered for eternity. A rare opportunity so see everyone you care about together at once, engulfed in happiness and love. A priceless reminder of a perfect day.

How do we book?2022-03-31T11:54:31+00:00

You can either drop your details and some info on the Contact Us page, or email hello@jamesandduke.co.uk

How long will our film take to be delivered?2022-03-31T11:54:51+00:00

Please allow up to 12 weeks for you film to be delivered. This may take a little longer in peak summer season. 

Can we have the RAW footage from the day?2022-03-31T11:55:11+00:00

I don’t give away raw, unedited footage. I can, however, provide a tidied up version of all clips shot throughout the day for an additional cost.

Are there any extra expenses?2022-04-21T11:23:52+00:00

I ask that if any wedding is over 100 miles away, that overnight accommodation is provided. I will arrange all of this, and I am more than happy in a local Travelodge.

If you are getting married abroad, then flights and accommodation will be added to the cost. I will again arrange all of this so it is one less thing for you to think about.

Any additional expenses will always be discussed in detail prior to booking, there will never be any hidden charges.

How long will you be filming for on the day?2022-03-31T11:56:38+00:00

I like to arrive nice and early, at least 3 hours before the ceremony. This gives me plenty of time to say hello and meet you properly, get familiar with the different faces and locations and get important shots of the build up, preparation, final touches and anticipations. I will then stay throughout the day and until the party starts getting rowdy. That’s when I’ll start to say my goodbyes and leave you to dance and drink the night away!

Can we choose our own music track?2022-03-31T11:57:17+00:00

It can bring up a lot of difficulties when using songs from popular artists due to copyright. It is illegal to use an artist’s work without prior permission. Most social media platforms will pick up on any video that infringes on this and prevent it from being uploaded.

I pay for commercially licensed tracks that we can use as we please. There are many incredible artists making amazing music across every genre.

I use music to assist with the storytelling, not as a focal point of the film. Music helps build the emotion, create intensity, and progress the story. I pick every song which I think best fits the film, usually using 3-4 different tracks throughout. What’s more important is the speeches, readings, vows that you took, and the background chit-chatter and the laughs and jokes that were heard throughout the day. That’s what really creates the atmosphere for the film.

How much will it cost?2022-04-19T16:01:44+00:00

We have different packages that suit different budgets and wedding sizes. Packages start from £1,499 and can be tailored to any event. Please fill in our form here to request our packages.

Out of all the wedding videographers out there, why choose you?2022-04-21T11:27:31+00:00

Good question. Hopefully you’ve looked through some of my videos and decided to stick around, and you’re wondering whether I am the kind of person you would want at your wedding. Well, if past experiences are something to go by, then I offer many more services than just videography. I have been seen pouring pints, fixing boutonnieres, giving last minute pep talks, being a shoulder to cry on, dancing with Nanna, saving a groom’s wedding ring from the bottom of a swimming pool in Italy, baby sitting, dog sitting, dad sitting… I have been there through every moment and will leave you with as good a memory of me as I will have of you.

What equipment do you bring?2022-03-31T12:01:00+00:00

I try to stay as light and discreet as possible. I use 2 cameras, with the second being used statically for an alternative angle during the ceremony and speeches. 

The cameras I use are super powerful, yet compact, Sony mirrorless cameras. I’m not turning up with a huge broadcast camera like you would see on TV. Like I mentioned, my aim is to stay as discreet as possible.

My drone will come along too, which slightly bigger than an iPhone. I also use a tripod, monopod and gimbal for nice smooth and stable shots when necessary. 

Good audio is also crucial for making a beautiful wedding film. I use small unnoticeable microphones clipped on to various people and places to capture audio throughout the day.

How many videographers will there be on the day?2022-04-21T11:25:41+00:00

Usually, just me… I bring 2 cameras, plus my drone, which is plenty enough to get all the footage and angles that I need. For larger weddings, I will suggest bringing another cameraman. I have a network of brilliant, trusted videographers who I have worked closely with over the years.

Can you film with a drone?2022-04-21T11:25:59+00:00

I obtained my CAA drone permissions in 2016, meaning I am fully trained, licensed and insured to commercially fly drones. So long as the weather and location permits, I love to get the drone up and capture some epic aerial footage. Stunning shots of the venue and location is all you need, nothing over the top or cheesy.

Check out our drone reel on the Why Choose Us? page.

Do you have professional insurance?2022-03-31T12:02:19+00:00

Yes, all of my equipment is fully insured and I have public liability insurance up to £5m. I also have specialist drone insurance covering me for any flights.

What will you be wearing?2022-03-31T12:02:33+00:00

Smart-practical is my style. I need to be able to move about, stay nimble on my feet for hours, and also blend in with the crowd. I like to look like a guest, not a staff member. It is important to stay discreet and blend in, helping me capture those truly natural moments throughout the day.

Do you do photography too?2022-03-31T12:02:45+00:00

No, just video. Videography and photography, while closely related, are two totally different beasts. I stay 100% focussed on making the perfect video, and photography should be absolutely left to a dedicated professional photographer.

How long have you been making wedding films?2022-03-31T12:03:07+00:00

I filmed my first wedding in 2016, a day which felt like I had found my calling in life. Reliving the emotions of the day whilst I was editing was something I hadn’t experienced before. It was so moving watching so many happy people on camera, feeling true love through the lens.

That feeling is still with me today every time I shoot and edit.

Where are you based and where will you travel?2022-04-21T11:27:04+00:00

I am based in the West Midlands (complete with Brummie twang!), but have and will travel the length and breadth of the country to film your wedding. I love to travel and see new places, and can definitely be persuaded to get on a flight to capture your wedding abroad.

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wedding film packages start at £1,499

wedding film packages start at £1,499


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