Did you know the biggest regret among newlyweds is that “they wished they had hired a videographer to document their most special day”. (https://www.instyle.com/weddings/regret-newlywed-couples-survey)

Chances are you’ve seen a few wedding films by now, hopefully some of mine, and you’ve already weighed up the pros and cons.

What I hear from couples that I have filmed, is that the wedding film allows them to totally relive the day over and over, and that they remember something different and new after every viewing. The wedding film triggers memories that you didn’t realise you had, the small things that made you laugh and cry throughout the day, bringing back the emotion in its entirety. 

The film will be preserved for all of your years to come, ready to be seen by your children, and your children’s children. Immortalised, cherished and remembered for eternity. A rare opportunity so see everyone you care about together at once, engulfed in happiness and love. A priceless reminder of a perfect day.